Next Generation Botanicals

Our Epothecary Elixirs are a giant leap forward in the evolution of herbal medicine.  By combining our specially formulated Elixirs with a personal vaporizer, we've tripled the efficacy of herbal supplements so you'll get instant effects, amazing flavor and a modern delivery system.

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100% Botanical!

Our Made with Botanika™ flavors deliver a viable alternative to nicotine that can be used to stop smoking and ween yourself off nicotine completely.  Botanika™ includes Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Passion Flower and Burdock.  It's nature's answer to one of the biggest health issues of our time.



Ingredient for Makers

We recognized the need for more alternatives to smoking and nicotine.  With Botanika™, smokers can choose to quit without becoming further addicted to nicotine. And, it addresses the millions of consumers who currently vape nicotine but have a desire to quit. 



Vaporizers and Diffusers

Our next generation botanicals work with ultrasonic diffusers and personal vaporizers.  Vaporizers provide maximum efficacy while diffusers let you absorb active ingredients over time via aromatherapy.



Apparel & More

We take great care in crafting our brand.  Each of our powerful brands deliver a message of hope and progress. We appreciate your support of the brand and are honored you'd want to promote it to those around you.