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We saw the potential for personal diffusers to not only help with smoking harm reduction but to also revolutionize the herbal supplement industry by using inhalation to dramatically increase the efficacy of proprietary herbal blends.

Both founders lost their fathers to lung disease and this fueled their mission to not only help people stop smoking but to also introduce a whole new generation to the benefits of herbal medicine.

Back Story

 Elixir Distribution set out to disrupt the wellness space by combining the ancient practice of herbal medicine with the most advanced electronic delivery systems we could find - the personal diffuser.

We formulated our next gen botanicals to be inhaled and our disruptive innovation was born. By leveraging inhalation, we've tripled the efficacy of herbal supplements - dramatically improving herbal medicine techniques and using convenient, modern, electronic delivery devices. We apply this disruptive innovation to general health and smoking harm reduction.

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Elixir Distro

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