BREATHE | Lemon & honey with peppermint. Infused with peppermint,
eucalyptus, licorice, mullein and thyme. Promotes deep, soothing breath.


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When I had a cold recently, Breathe came in the mail and I must say... this is a miracle product!
The best after dinner supplement you'll come across. Hands down!
I was so amazed by this concept that I wanted to try all of the Elixirs at once so I'd have them available for different parts of the day. They totally impacted my daily regiment.
Claire K.
I was skeptical but I tried Calm and it immediately relaxed my mind and body. I slept better than I have in years.
Amber R.
I've been using them in my diffuser and I love them all!
"Severe migraines sometimes mean spending days in the dark.  One thing that has consistently helped bring me back into the light is Epothecary Breathe."
If I get a chest cold I vape Breathe and it helps me feel better in a couple of days.  Since I started doing this a couple of years ago I've found that I haven't gotten the repeated colds I used to get.
Shawn D.
This one is a lifesaver for me! I think it's my favorite...
Awake literally saved my life when I had a newborn and a one year old!
"These soldiers help you soldier on."
Melanie P.