Next Gen Botanicals for General Health

Our EPOTHECARY™ personal diffusers support general health and botanical effects based on the known benefits of the herbs we use. These all natural Next Gen Botanicals provide a new, convenient and flavorful way to enjoy aromatherapy.


Botanika™ is the non nicotine, non tobacco, 100% botanical alternative for consumers and manufacturers looking to move away from smoking and nicotine the all natural way!

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Apparel & more

We take great care in crafting our brand.  Each of our powerful brands deliver a message of hope and progress. We appreciate your support of the brand and are honored you’d want to promote it to those around you.

How we started

Two lifelong friends who both lost their fathers to lung disease, started Elixir with a mission to help people move away from smoking and pharmaceuticals. They saw the potential of combining modern personal vaporizers with Traditional Chinese Medicine and started Elixir Distribution in 2015 to make this potential a reality.

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